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Cost of Living

Cost of Living 

Advice & Support for Students 

We know that many of our students and their families are being affected by the current cost of living, so knowing what support is available and where to get help while you’re studying at Leeds Conservatoire is now more important than ever.  

In this post we have listed help and advice available at Leeds Conservatoire this academic year:  

  • Warm Spaces – Level 5, Café Bar (don’t have to buy anything), Rooftop Bar, Library 
  • Café Bar – Free hot water and weekly offers on hot meals. 
  • Free sanitary products in all of the toilets 
  • Blackbullion is an easy-to-use, award-winning online learning platform to help you take control of your finances and search for additional funding. 
  • If budgeting is affecting your mental health, you can also get support from our Student Support Service  
  • Progression Portal  – help with performance opportunities, Jobs and Funding schemes to gain experiences and help with promotions material. 
  • Food vouchers – Students can apply by getting in touch with the Student Funding Team at 
  • Hardship fund is available, if you are in financial difficulty, to meet essential living costs.  It’s open to UK undergraduate students, and you may be eligible to apply by filling in this referral form and telling us about your situation. 

See our SPACE pages for other useful sources of advice and support. Student Living and Finance