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Housemate Urgently Needed! No Deposit, Bills Included

Hi, I’m Cal, and I’m currently in my second year of Electronic Music Production.
My friends Erika, Chris, and I urgently need a housemate for a house we’ve booked for July until next year. There’s no deposit, the rent is 118pppw with all bills included.

This house is located in the center of Headingley, 1 minute walk from the Gym Group and Sainsbury’s. You’d get one of the nicer bedrooms (I’ll be in the dingy basement room like a lil gremlin). It has a washing machine and a drier.

We are very chill but also clean and hygienic and we are sociable so you won’t be left out!
Myself, Chris and Erika have already signed the agreement but unfortunately, the 4th tenant had to drop out, so we don’t have long to keep the landlord happy without the fourth signature.

The first payment is June 22nd, the move-in date is 1st July. Rent is due monthly on every 22nd and you’ll have to sign the bill contract and tenancy agreement separately, so unfortunately tenants using private guarantor services won’t be accepted.

I’d prefer it if you contact me on Instagram @calturbed as I can respond faster.