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Launchpad Music Innovators

Launchpad Music Innovators is a programme to empower original copyright creators and managers of music intellectual property, to maximise the potential revenue generated, and the ability to create and sustain new music enterprises in Leeds.

If you are an artist or musician who writes original music and / or create recordings, or you operate in a role who manages their output (as an artist manager, record label, publisher or similar derivative role), Launchpad Music Innovators will walk you through, and ensure you are collecting all the relevant income from your copyrights.

Four workshops will be held during March & April in Leeds, after which 4 individuals will be selected for one-to-one mentoring and business guidance in May to June. A final networking and feedback session will be held in May / June tbc.

Find out more and if you would like to participate, please sign up via the link below:

Find out more about Launchpad Music Innovators