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More Money, Less Problems – a Series of Webinars

Blackbullion, the financial wellbeing platform, are offering a free webinar called “More Money, Less Problems: How to get more money as a student.

The workshop will focus on increasing your earning potential and accessing all the money that is out there for students.  Guest speakers will share advice on how to generate more money as a student and how to improve your financial wellbeing.  The webinars will be as follows:

Entrepreneurship (Tuesday, 7th June, 3pm): Meet successful entrepreneurs to learn how to start and run your own business and what mistakes to avoid, including what they wish they’d known when they started out

Side hustles (Tuesday, 21st June, 3pm): Listen to stories from people who have made money on the side to support themselves, including how to make money from your hobbies

Tips to secure additional funding (Tuesday, 5th July, 3pm): Learn how to increase the amount of money you have by applying for the millions of pounds of scholarships and bursaries out there and hear from people who have paid their way through university or college by taking advantage of this funding

In each webinar, you’ll be able to ask the speakers any specific questions you have to really get to grips with the best ways to get more money.

If you are interested, you can find out more information and sign up to attend here.