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Drum Lessons Available !

Hi there! I am third year drummer looking for students to teach on the drum kit!
The lessons would be held at Leeds drum studio, at £15 an hour.
Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve you’re playing, I am able to do either with experience playing drums for a multitude of bands and artists in and outside Lcon.
In the lessons we would mainly focus on getting you enjoying playing the drums and tailor them to what you want to be able to achieve.
Lessons can include –
– Learning the Ability to read music
– How to learn music by ear
– Developing a proper Technique, creating a healthy playing style.
– Gradings 1-8 on the drums
– Chops and fills!
– How to groove in different situations
– What to do in live drumming situations
– Knowledge of the drum kit
– Rudiments and Patterns
My speciality is around funk, soul and Alt infused jazz, but I also love rock drumming, prog rock and many other genres, and I am open to teaching you any genre you want to learn!
Feel free to get in touch through either email or
My Instagram Is Tannersdrums, which is also another way of Contact.