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Voice Actor Needed for Animated Film

Casting Call for Voice Actors:- (Portfolio Films from Animation Course)

Character Required for An Animated Short Film Pilot – Very quick and easy job, 1 session only!

A television cartoon pilot show requires voice actors for the following roles:-

Omar (Big Brother)

Omar is a mature, gentle 20 year old Male. British Arabic actor is preferred for this role, with a big brotherly kind and helpful voice, enthusiastic about his art and guiding his little sister through the world of his own magic paintings.

This will be great for your portfolios and could lead to further work, only a short session is needed and the pilot might be accepted by Kidstream and turned into a series.

It is unpaid as this is for Animation students work, but will be fun and good for the CV! – You could also use it for your own coursework submissions.

Please contact to enquire and apply.