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24 Hour Charity Livestream – Eiger Studios

My band, The Atoms, will be hosting a 24 hour livestream from Eiger Studios for Martin House Children’s Hospice. We are doing this as part of the Centre Stage competition in Leeds. We will be challenging ourselves to write as much music as possible within the 24 hour period, plus the time will be broken up by insane and crazy challenges.

We are still looking for people to help out by joining us on the night. We are quickly filling up the schedule but our very important opening slot is still free (9pm-11pm Sat 21st April). We are looking for big personalities to help kick off the challenge in the most weird and wonderful way possible. Just bring your music making skills, and prepare to throw them out the window when you get here…

We also would love it just as much if you were able to tune in and support us. We will be streaming on our Facebook page ( Sat 21st April 8:00 GMT and we would love it just as much if you could help us reach out £1000 donation goal (