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Weekly Cafe Bar Food & Drink Offers – Money Saving!

For the week commencing Monday 30th January, the Café:Bar at Leeds Conservatoire are currently offering the following low price options:

  • Tea: 60p 
  • Cereal: 60p 
  • Toastie (see boards for daily filling): £1.00 
  • Takeaway soup: £2.00 

Simply place your order at the bar during opening hours.

The Café:Bar will also continue offering the following dishes to celebrate Chinese New Year:

  • Vegetable chow mein: £4.50

Add chicken: £1

Add crispy tofu: £1  

  • Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip: £3.20  
  • Vegetable dumplings with hoisin sauce: £3.50  
  • Fortune cookies: 90p