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Win £50 by Submitting Blackbullion Money Confession

This week, Blackbullion are providing a safe, non-judgemental place for students to talk about their worries by submitting a ‘Money Confession’ on their Instagram Stories. There, you can also read others’ anonymous submissions to see that you’re not alone and learn from the experiences of fellow students.

Once you’ve dm’d them your confession, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win £50.

We know it can be especially hard to talk about money when times are tough, but the goal of Money Confessions is to make sure that the progress of recent years – in terms of reducing stigma about finances and encouraging students to open up and ask for help if you’re struggling.

The prize draw will be open from 9AM, Monday 10th July to 5PM, Friday 14th July. You must have created a Blackbullion account in order to be eligible for the prize draw. Blackbullion will attempt to contact the winner via email. If contact is not returned by the winner in 72 hours, Blackbullion reserves the right to choose and notify a new winner.